Piano Tuning in Akron, Cleveland and Medina

As part of the value added services we offer, piano tuning is recommended after every move.  Nothing we do in the process of moving causes the piano to "lose tune", however, once the piano is moved into its new home, humidity changes will cause the fluctuations in sound quality.  We recommend that the piano is left to adjust for up to 3 weeks after relocation to let the wood in the piano settle in.  Once the piano has acclimated, we can schedule your tuning thereafter. 

Most manufacturers recommend tuning at least twice a year. If your piano has gone without tuning for more than one year, it may have dropped in tension and pitch. Pianos have over 200 strings with about 150 lbs. tension each. That totals around 30,000 lbs. of tension. As a result, pianos are constantly dropping in tension and in pitch. If your piano has not been tuned within 12 months, it may have dropped in pitch too much to be brought back up in one tuning. The extra tuning is required, because for every amount the pitch is raised on a string, it drops back 10-38% within about ten minutes. A pitch raise, then, consists of rough tuning the instrument above standard pitch by a calculated amount so that the pitch ends up close enough to A-440 that on a second tuning, it can be tuned optimally.

Piano Tuning in Akron, Cleveland and Medina
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